From the very lightest of ales, to the darkest of stouts and everything in between, be sure to try something different when your next in and join us on a journey of craft beer appreciation!



Here's our LIVE Beer List of whats on tap right now. 

Beer Events

Here at Pomeroy's we have exciting and interesting beer events every month. If you have an interest in craft beer and the people that make it, this is for you. Remember to book in quick for these as numbers are always limited.

Beer Baroness Brewery Tours

Come see, learn and enjoy a craft beer experience at the Beer Baroness Brewery behind Pom's Pub.

Tour Options of $25 or $35, Min 10pp required - Email us to find out more.

2017 Round Up: December

Craft beer just keeps getting bigger and better, and there’s no sign of it slowing down… For all 
of December we’ll be sourcing from all the newly established 2017 breweries. Keep up to date with what’s coming and going on social media.

Post Awards Wrap Up: October

Pomeroy’s will be getting as many of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards ‘Gold Medal’ beers as we can,  so keep an eye out for these on tap from Oct 8th.


Xmas Hours: December

Pom's Pub will be open Mondays from 3PM during December.

Brewed Inhouse

Tucked in behind the famous Pom's Pub is the Stainless Steel Brewery which not only makes our inhouse Pomeroys selection and Beer Baroness Ales,
but also contract brewers for other brewers around new zealand, helping keep the varietires of craft beer alive and well.

Four Avenues Brewing

Pomeroys OBI Beer Selection

Pomeroys brews fine craft beer from Christchurch's Center in behind the pub in our brewery: Stainless Brewing. We change the taps between a selection of tasty staples with the occasional special edition, keep an eye on the boards for whats fresh on the day. The range currently includes;

Pomeroys Lager - Golden Lager 3.8% - A true sesion beer, perfectly suited to drinking in the summer months
Pomeroys Porter - Porter 5.0% - A Brown Porter, brewed with a nod to the porters from London in the 18th century.
Pomeroys Czech Pilsner - Amber Ale 5.0% - A traditional dry Pils with a sweet hop aroma and flavour.

Beer Baroness

Beer Baroness Brewing Company

Ava Wilson is the Beer Baroness, setting forth on a journey of brewing bold craft beers for the discerning palate. As Manager of Pomeroy's she is taking her years of passion and "sampling" knowledge to offer a range of brilliant brews and come crafty collaborations! The beers include

Lady Danger - Red Ale 6.5% - An extra hoppy Red Ale brewed in collaboration with Epic.
Madam Brown - Brown Ale 5.6% - A sophisticated American Brown Ale with roasty chocolate notes.
The First Lady - APA 5.8% - A perfect APA for summer tropical fruit, citrus and hops.
The Bearded Lady -Stout 5.6% - A bold and burly treacle and liquorice dry Stout.
Darling Clementine - Golden Ale 5.5% - A thirst quenching summer pleaser.


15 Regular Taps

We have our regulars range on all the taps year round, they include a solid range of craft beers
that mean you can come enjoy your favourites while pondering which fresh new brew to try.

Four avenues brewing co.

Four Avenues is young and working towards perfecting our house beers with a strong focus on quality Session ales. See the board and talk to our friendly staff for more details. Oh, and check out the Avenues hour!

Harrington’s pig & whistle 4%

A New Zealand classic dark beer, light in mouth feel, chocolate in flavour. Awarded the “Best In Class” Trophy for British Ale Styles at the Brewers Guild of NZ Awards.

Harrington’s saddler lager 4%

A whole malt lager with no additives. It’s a light bodied brew with a toffee flavour that is evenly balanced with a hopped edge. Very crisp and very clean.

Harrington’s kiwi draught 4%

Classic Kiwi. Lightly-bodied and slightly sweet, nutty biscuit taste.

Mussel inn captain cooker  5%

The Manuka for this brew was selectively hand picked on the day of brewing from a special location in Golden Bay. The natural variation from season to season is part of the character of this beer.

Three boys OYSTER STOUT 6.2% (handpump)

Christchurch’s Three Boys should need no introduction, and Oyster Stout is their definitive winter warmer. Rich and velvety, this is one of the best stouts known to the taps of New Zealand, and we’ll offer as much as we can get our hands on on handpull... 

Three boys ipa 5.2%

It is the generous addition of hops that allows Three Boys IPA to survive the long haul, but when drunk fresh you can really appreciate the aroma of the special selection of NZ hops.

Tuatara Hefe 5%

Wheat beers have been around for centuries, but you can still startle unsuspecting New Zealanders with a good one. A portion of wheat in the mash results in a sweeter, cloudier base. In combination with a Weinstephan yeast, this produces distinctive flavours of ripe banana, vanilla and clove.

Epic pale ale 5.4%

Impressive aroma of grapefruit and rose petals, flavour of creamy malt sweetness, and a finish of lingering bitterness.

Emerson’s pilsner 4.9%

This pilsner oozes citrus and passionfruit aromas and flavors. The palate shows a hint of early malt sweetness.

Emerson’s bookbinder 3.7%

A wonderfully drinkable interpretation of a classic English ale. Bookbinder Bitter is a blend of four malts combined with two classic Nelson grown European hops (Fuggles and Riwaka). The beer pours an attractive reddish brown, with a cream coloured head. Bookbinder Bitter has a sweet, perfumey, malt and hop aroma with a soft, malty, fruit and vinous palate that is both full flavoured and refreshing with a long, gently drying finish.

Emerson’s 1812 IPA 4.9%

The defining essence of Emerson’s 1812 IPA is the sheer ‘Englishness’! The beer has a delightful marmalade character with toffee maltiness, balanced by complex, orangey and earth hop notes in both the aroma and palate. Tangy hops dominate the beer’s lingering, dry finish.

Tuatara London Porter 5%

Making a good dark Porter isn’t just about malt. Sure you’ve got your crystal, chocolate and roast malts to provide lots of body and a healthy shade of who-turned-the-lights-out, but balance demands something more than that; specifically, generous additions of Chinook hops. Be sure to try it how the Pom’s like it; flat and a few degrees warmer. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Invercargill pitch black stout 4.5%

It shouts stout… deep colour and rich hints of chocolate and coffee, yet dry enough to want another pint.

Panhead Supercharger 5.7%

American-style muscle gets backed up here with real kiwi horsepower. A long, aromatic list of hops like Centennial, Citra and Simcoe should lead you to expect massive bitterness and sensory hop presence, and you wouldn’t be too far off in that expectation at all. One for the hop heads.


Expect to see a rotating cast of the best cider on offer at any given time... Whether it be Eve’s NV cider from KJD Brewing, Nally’s from Invercargill or Zeffer from Matakana.

Craft Companions

The perfect way to compliment a crafty beverage & good company.

HOMEMADE PORK CRACKLING / apple and pear relish  $8.00

FREE RANGE CHICKEN WINGS / chipotle beer glaze / spring onions / house pickles / blue cheese ranch  $18.00

JALAPENO CHEESE DIP / With toasted bread $18.00

PORK ‘FRIES’ / saam chilli sauce / coriander lime mayo $18.00

PLAIN FRIES / relish and mayo $8.00

GARLIC FRIES / In garlic butter / relish & mayo $8.00


HOUSE FLAT BREAD / harissa / butternut pumpkin / Danish feta / rocket  $14.00

ROAST BONE MARROW / shallots / capers / parsley salad / garlic sour dough toast $18.00

GORGONZOLA / Walnuts / parma ham / roasted beets / cider poached pears $25.00

HOUSE SMOKED SALMON / avocado / radish / pickled beets / jalapeño lime dressing $25.00

LAMB RIBS / preserved lemon mayo / red pepper relish $18.00

MASSIMOS’ BURRATA / seasonal produce / olive oil toast $25.00

NZ CHARCUTERIE / Today’s selection of NZ charcuterie with bread and chutney  $Priced daily

Breweries we Stock

  • Cassels & Sons’ Brewery restaurant and café is known throughout Christchurch for the medal winning Cassels & Sons craft beers.

  • Fiasco Brewing Company are proud to bring you some of the most delectable, tantalising brews available. It started with a night out with a few brews, two friends that love brewing and the temerity to bring some classy flavours and odoriferous smells to the craft beer scene. Our brews are made with only the finest hops and ingredients, brewed right here in the heart of Christchurch city. 

  • Golden bear is the creation of  Jim and Anne Matranga. They moved to New Zealand in 2005 and stumbled upon a rotting steel shed full of stored junk, located at the historic Mapua Wharf and envisioned the future site of Golden Bear Brewing Company.  After two and a half years of planning, consents and construction, Golden Bear Brewing opened on Labor Day - October 2008.

  • Brewed in Christchurch, New Zealand and first released in February 2011, Valkyrie Brewing Co has five beers in their range, being released over a period of time and developing in style, hops, flavour and bitterness with each beer

  • It was 1999 when my dad and I established Invercargill Brewery in his garage, and set about applying new world flavours like Nelson Hops, Gladfield Malt and Central Otago apples to old-world beer styles. The result has been an award winning range of authentic brews that includes seasonal  specials that have gained international accolades. Beer with us – for quality you’ll never forget.

  • Tracy Banner heads the small and enthusiastic Sprig & Fern Brewery team that collectively has more than 50 years of commercial brewing experience. They are based at the Beach Road, Richmond, premises about 10 minutes from Nelson city. Every batch is hand brewed with a level of care and an attention to quality that has earned us a solid reputation amongst real craft beer drinkers throughout New Zealand

  • Christchurch based Brewery. All Vulcan Brewers beers are 100% Vegan

  • The Brew Moon Brewing Company is a completely independent craft brewery in Amberley, North Canterbury. Started in 2002 by Kieran McCauley and Belinda Gould. The Brew Moon's aim is to bring you flavoursome natural beer made locally by people who are passionate about good, sustainable, local food products.

  • Croucher Brewing is an award-winning craft brewery based in Rotorua, New Zealand. Back in 2004 Paul Croucher and Nigel Gregory shared a mid-life-crisis, leaving well paid academic and corporate careers with the dream of making delicious craft beer.

  • At mike’s, brewing great beer isn’t just a job - It’s a passion. mike’s was founded on a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which is still burning strong since 1989 with a passion for organic beer.

  • The Tuatara brewing scheme is not difficult for the uninitiated to grasp. They brew true to style, so wherever possible they go direct to the source and use the ingredients that have made that style famous. To say that Tuatara Brewery has taken off in the last few years is an understatement. Heck, they’ve been propelled into orbit. An Award-winning New Zealand craft brewery.

  • ParrotDog Brewing Limited is a craft brewing company first put into action by the home brewing partnership of Matt Kristofski and Matt Warner. Matt Stevens was later added to the grist and 2011 saw our first commercial brewing release, ParrotDog BitterBitch, on tap and in bottles in all good craft beer bars and outlets around Wellington and the wider New Zealand.

  • Garage because it started in a garage, but it’s more than that. It’s also about approaching things with a garage mentality. It’s about playing around, making do and thinking outside the box. Project because it’s ongoing, it’s a work in progress and we plan to keep it that way. We don’t plan to come out with a fixed portfolio of beers – this is about experimenting, pushing boundaries, blurring the boundaries between styles - seeing what works.

  • Panhead Custom Ales

    Panhead Custom Ales apply every bit of our skill, creativity and impeccable taste to the business of brewing great craft beer. They love to strip a brew back to its essence and rebuild it in a way that honours tradition as well as the alchemy of creation. They’re turning out beers with character bursting from the glass, streamlined vehicles for malt, yeast and serious hopping. Enjoy them, share them and let us know what you think.

  • Emerson’s Brewery

    Emerson’s premium craft beers are very special.  They combine fidelity to style, aroma, flavour and finish with their own distinctive balance and memorability. 
    To achieve this standard of excellence Emerson’s use a range of malts imported from the leading maltsters of Europe and premium New Zealand grown hops.  

  • 8 Wired Brewing

    8 Wired Brewing is inspired by the legendary Kiwi can-do mentality and fellow craft brewers who have dared to challenge the masses and show us all that beer is no longer “just beer”!
    Champion Brewery at the Brewers Guild Awards 2011, and also featured on the prestigious list of “100 best brewers in the World”, as the only Southern Hemisphere brewery.

  • Three Boys Brewery personally tend each small-scale brew, right from selecting the best malt and hops until it leaves the brewery in Christchurch. Their beers are a living product; not filtered and not pasteurised - just as nature intended. OAward winning finest quality beer, finest possible taste.

  • Epic Flavour is reflected the way Epic like to brew beer. They like to have big aromas, flavours and taste in the beers. Summer up its New Zealand brewed, hop intense, craft beer. 

  • Yeastie Boys

    The Yeastie Boys - Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie are the dynamic duo of New Zealand's craft beer scene. They burst onto the beer landscape with two trophies for their flagship porter Pot Kettle Black at BrewNZ 2009 and have remained firmly ensconced there ever since.

  • Harringtons Breweries

    Winner of the Brewer's Guild Grand Champion New Zealand Brewery award in 2012, a testament to the skill and craft of Harrington's hard working brewers. The range has grown from its beginings in 1991 to a range of over 30 beers, including the recently released award winning Brewers' Selection.

  • Beer Baroness

    Ava Wilson is the Beer Baroness, setting forth on a journey of brewing bold craft beers for the discerning palate. As Manager at one of New Zealand's best craft beer pubs, Pomeroy's in Christchurch and brewing out of Four Avenues, Beer Baroness is looking to take years of passion and "sampling" knowledge to offer a range of brilliant brews and come crafty collaborations!

  • Four Avenues Brewing Co.

    Four Avenues brews fine craft beer from Christchurchs Center in Pomeroys.

Whisky List


Workshops Whisky Inaugural Release 46%   
$9 double $5 single
The inaugural release from Christchurch based Workshops Whisky has been lovingly made by father and son duo, Doug and Anthony Lawry. Fresh and fragrant on the nose with notes of fruit salad, pear, rich cherry and just a hint of eucalyptus. The palate is robust and wood forward before developing rich fruity notes. Barley water & raisins progress through the finish. 

Workshops Whisky Manuka Smoked 46%   
$9 double $5 single
This might well be the first single malt whisky (barley spirit matured in oak, for over 3 years) that has had the barley smoked with Manuka wood… and it’s made right here in Christchurch.
The unique smoky character adds a meatiness to the whisky, giving it a contrasting savoury edge to the sweet then tannic-dry style. 


Glen Grant, bottled by Gordon & MacPhail 2008 / 2017 40%   
$9 double $5.00 single 
This limited release, vintage Glen Grant has sweet sherry influences, with notes of creamy custard and citrus leading onto the palate with flavours of orange peel, spice and stewed fruits, finishing with a lingering hint of cocoa and charred oak.
Glenfarclas 10 Years Old (Glen-farc-lass) 40%   
$8.50 double $4.50 single
A great introduction to one of Scotland’s most revered distilleries. Flavours of toffee, Sherried fruits and a little hint of smoke, all perfectly balanced by a spicy oak dryness.
Glenfarclas 15 Years Old 46%
$13 double $7 single
Oak comes through like fine antique polished furniture, and the sherry cask flavours are more developed, deeper and complex. The balance between heavy fruit, spice & oak come together in one of the best and most lingering finishes.
Glenfarclas 21 years old 43%
$16 double $8.50 single
Aged for 21 years in the finest Spanish oak casks, fresh vanilla pod, sherry and a touch of smoke. Incredibly smooth and rounded on the palate with a balanced fruit, spice and smoke flavours.
Glenrothes ‘Vintage Reserve’ 40%
$9 double $5.00 single
Soft & rounded whisky, notes of honeycomb, red berry fruits and a hint of citrus. To taste, it is incredibly smooth and creamy with vanilla and again the berry fruits. The after taste is nutty, and honeyed again with a gentle building spice. 
Glenrothes 2001 Vintage 43%   
$9 double $5 single
Typical of Glenrothes distillery, this dram has a beautiful soft and creamy body and on the palate is sweet with vanilla, honey and a wonderful stewed fruit note, a very fine example of the Speyside malts.
Speyburn 10 years old 40%
$8.50 double $4.50 single
Clean, soft and smooth nose has delicate hints of fruit, toffee and of citrus. The palate is again smooth, rounded and fruity with just a faint touch of smoke and citrus in the background. 


Kilchoman ‘Sanaig’ 46%
$11 double $6 single
The aroma is classic Kilchoman, with soft cooked fruits, full-bodied peat smoke with citrus notes and a lingering sweetness. A perfect balance of peat smoke and fruity sweetness. 

Kilchoman ‘Machir Bay’ (Kil-hom-an, Mac-hir Bay) 46%   
$10 double $5.50 single
The nose is rich with a clean, fresh sea-air peat smoke. As you explore further there is a lovely oily sweetness that offsets the peppery smoke, the long peaty finish has a surprising fruitiness. 

Cadenhead Islay 7 years old 58.7%
$15 double $8 single
Brimming with Islay character, it has striking peat smoke aromas and flavours, joined by fragrant black tea, touches of struck match and gingery peppery spice. One for the Peat Freaks.

Port Askaig ‘100 Proof’ 57.1%
$11 double $6 single
This personifies the Islay style - dense smoke, sea spray and a hint of lemon and liquorice. The peat smoke lingers on the palate with salted caramel, herbal notes and a slow drying finish. 




Glen Scotia ‘Double Cask’ 46%
$9 double $5 single
Finished in first fill bourbon & Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. A nose of fudge, orchard fruit and a dusty earthy note. Oily on the palate with rich vanilla and fudge, a slight briny yet warming spiced fruit finish.

Springbank 10 years old 46%
$10 double $5.50 single
The character of Springbank is complex and deep, with flavours ranging from coconut, vanilla and pears through to a hint of sea-side aromas and a touch of warming smoke.

Hazelburn 10 years old 46% 
$10 double $5.50 single
Hazelburn is the name given to the triple distilled spirit made at the Springbank distillery from entirely unpeated barley which creates a delicate spirit that develops into a sweet whisky with notes of marzipan, stewed pears and honeycomb. The palate is very oily and mouthfilling, with a hint of coconut and liquorice.

Kilkerran 12 years old 46% 
$9 double $5 single
Distinctly ‘Campbeltown’ with hints of spice and dried fruit to start with notes of malt biscuits and a lemon/citric note following. Throughout there is a gentle waft of peat smoke from the barley, and a sea-side saltiness that comes 


Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey 40% 
$8.50 double $4.50 single
A unique vatting of single pot still and single malt Irish whiskey, all of which was triple distilled. Expect apple, vanilla and honey with gentle spices and toasted oak flavours.

The Irishman Single Malt 40%
$8.50 double $4.50 single
Triple distilled in pot stills from malted barley. Sweet, ripe and luscious with peach, dried apricot and deep fruity flavours. Smooth, soft and rounded on the palate with honey, vanilla and a touch of building spice in the finish.


Ben Nevis 10 years old 46%
$9 double $5 single
A classic dram from right below the Ben (mountain) itself. Very rich and deep to start with a medley of golden syrup, orangey marmalade and a thread of mocha-chocolate in the background. 
A wonderfully old-fashioned style of whisky. 

Edradour 10 years old (Edra-dour) 40%   
$9 double $5 single
Soft and easy drinking, it carries flavours of toasted almonds, sweet vanilla toffee, spiced fruitcake and a hint of chocolate-mint.

Edradour ‘Ballechin’ 10 years old 46%
$9 double $5 single
The peat character of this is remarkably Islay-like, with a rich earthy smoke, ginger spice, and a hint of coastal farmyard aromas. A welcome addition to the growing range of heavily peated whiskies from the mainland of Scotland.

Loch Lomond ‘Original’ 40%
$8.50 double $4.50 single 
An old fashioned style of whisky with soft nuances of peat smoke and a heather honey aroma, leading to a more savoury character on the palate which is rich and full bodied before finishing with hints of molasses and citrus fruit.

GlenDronach ‘The Original’ 12 years old (Glen-dron-ahc) 43% 
$8.50 double $4.50 single
Notes of dried fruit (raisins, sultanas) followed by a big dollop of heavy toffee and sherry lead into hints of dark chocolate/cocoa.

Glenturret ‘Sherry Cask Edition’ 43% 
$9 double $5 single
The aroma is soft, sweet and candied, with hints of golden syrup. The mouthfeel is soft, rounded and full-bodied, with notes of soft wood spice, creamy toffee and a touch of dried fruits.

Balblair 1983 Vintage 46%  
$42 double $21 single
Balblair distillate becomes truly magical with long term maturation as this superb example demonstrates. A complex fruit character is enhanced with rich honey, butterscotch and creamy vanilla flavours.

Old Pulteney 12 Years Old (Old Pullt-nee) 40%   
$9 double $5 single
With a soft, honeyed and sweet almond (marzipan) flavour on the nose and palate. The classic flavours of Old Pulteney would not be complete without a slightly tangy saltness that comes through on the sides of your mouth. 

Wolfburn Single Malt 46%
$9 double $5 single
Softly fruity and sweet to start, with buttery and nutty flavours that drift towards a gentle lingering peat smoke finish. A remarkable first release, this is definitely a distillery to watch.